Everything is everywhere

MOVING, huh? The movers came to my apartment on Saturday morning, and in one hour-and-26-minutes fell swoop, my worldly possessions were relocated 7 blocks southwest. That was the easy part. (Mambo Movers FTW!) Now everything looks like this:



To be fair, this is the worst of it, mostly contained in the studio. Nikki unpacked a lot this weekend. The kitchen and bathroom are done, and the living room is not too bad.

We never actually finished painting the bedroom, since packing took over priority, and I felt like we couldn’t actually unpack until that was done, so I made that my mission this weekend.

First, I returned what we had left of the thin Olympic paint and had them color match the Blue Bayberry in a Valspar Signature base. Pricier, but absolutely worth it. I gave the walls a third coat, and then made the decision I’ve been going back and forth on for the last few weeks. I painted the ceiling the same navy-teal!

I was hesitant at first to paint the whole room such a dark color, but after looking through dozens of inspiration images, this:painted ceiling

has a much different feel to me than this:

white ceiling
And I love the cozy, sedate feeling of the top image. One thing I really love about how our home is shaping up is that each room has a different feeling that reflects how I want to feel in the space. The living room is sunny yellow. The dining room is sophisticated charcoal. The kitchen is an airy mint. And now the bedroom is a quiet navy green.

There’s still some trim work to be done, but here’s a progress picture, complete with photo-bombing dog. Even messy and incomplete, I think it creates the other effect that I love: the illusion of height.

bedroom progress.jpg

And, here’s the dirty truth: this paint job is hiding a host of aesthetic things going on with this room that I just don’t have the time or energy to deal with right now. At some point, before Nik bought the place, a previous owner painted the crown molding the same color as the wall, and years and layers of paint are difficult to come back from. Also, in some places the plaster walls are sagging away from the ceiling, making it next to impossible to create a clean line of paint between the walls and ceiling, no matter how meticulous the tape job. So whatever. Paint it all!

Everything feels really chaotic in the house right now. I suspect that the worst of it will be over within the next week or so, and we have the luxury of hiding the progress mess in the studio while we figure out how to incorporate more storage into our space.
spider plant.jpg

Here’s a small thing that’s making me happy: I bought a few hanging plants for the dining room when I went to pick up paint. They’re gorgeous, and exactly what the room needs. They are also currently hanging over a mountain of discarded cardboard boxes, but you know. Rise about the fray, little plants! I will, too.



  1. Oooh I can’t wait to see the room when it’s all painted! I agree, I would have been hesitant to paint the ENTIRE room such a dark color but I think it adds an unexpected coziness and warmth. Love it!

    1. I can’t wait to finish staging it and take some pictures! I love it so very much already. It’s definitely dark and cosy and perfect for falling asleep.

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