The church pew

Have I told you about our porch? Probably not, because it’s mostly been a clutter-filled workspace where lonely tomato plants go to die (sorry, Nik, it’s true). But that’s about to change! It’s a pretty large space with a lot of potential, and I want it to be an extension of our living space. This is the summer of the porch.

When Nik picked up the stools from Scout Salvage, she couldn’t help but eye the church pews in the shop, and we went back in shortly after to bring one home. I feel like I should say that I don’t have a personal affiliation to the shop, but damn, the woman has a good eye. There’s always something I want in my life when I go in. It’s dangerous!


This pew is a beaut and MASSIVE. At 6’11”, it’s long enough for one of us to fully stretch out for an afternoon nap, or for both of us to recline in, or, you know, for 4 or 5 people to sit like civil humans. It’s also really heavy. Betsy gave me the card for James, the Philly Van Man, who helped us get it home that afternoon.

The Van Man! He’s my new favorite Philly find. If you have something you need moved that will fit in a van, you can call or text him, and he’ll come help you move it. He’s incredibly friendly, it was cheaper than renting a Philly car share van, and he’s STRONG, so between the three of us, it took no time at all to fly this thing up to the second floor. It’s like having a friend help you out, except he’s not going to come over later and make passive-aggressive, humble brag remarks about the favor he did for you while drinking all your beer. I’m definitely going to call him for future furniture moves.


The pew is worn, but solid and sturdy. I’m having visions of sanding it down and refinishing it, but with everything else on our plates, I’m not sure that’s a near-future priority. At the very least, I’ll seal it, since it will be living outside, albeit under a covered porch. I’m excited to clear off the rest of the clutter and start some curb appeal projects, like some kind of flooring and hopefully some thriving greenery. Our upstairs neighbor is a fantastic gardener, so I’m hoping she’ll give us some guidance. I dragged home a pallet I found on trash night, which I’m hoping to make into a small vertical garden, and I want to add lights for hang outs after dark.

In any case, I’m excited to join our other neighbors with their cute living-room-esque outdoor spaces, though I’m a little overwhelmed on where to start. Do you have an outdoor space you love? What’s your favorite part about it?




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  2. […] worked there told us that they were pieces from salvaged church pews, which seems to be becoming a household theme. They saved they intact ones as they could, but if they couldn’t, they pulled them apart so […]

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