Free Pattern: Meta’s Bonnet


Since I had my baby in August, I’ve felt a strong drive to create, to sew and to knit and to surround my little family in handmade intentions. Maybe it’s some latent nesting. I had terrible carpal tunnel throughout most of my pregnancy that affected my fine motor skills. I’m happy to report that my hands have returned to normal, and I’m making up for lost time.

I’ve had this idea for a bonnet stuck in my head. Well-fitted with clean lines and simple stitches, tied under the chin. I’ve been doing my best to create from existing patterns recently, to lean into the community of makers and not reinvent the wheel again, which is my usual knitting style. Try as I might, though, I couldn’t find this exact pattern. I tried a few bonnet options, but none of them would do.


So I cast on and figured it out. I knit one version, which was okay. I knit a second that was better. And then I knit this one, and it’s perfect.


This bonnet is knit in one piece from the ribbing framing the face back down to the ribbing at the neck, ending with the ties. It’s knit flat, using short rows and simple decreases for shaping. You’ll need circulars to accommodate the width and curve of the piece, but the length of those is not crucial (I like 24″. YMMV.)


I picked up and squeezed every skein that Hidden River Yarns had to offer before deciding on Kelbourne Woolen’s Scout. The heathered yarn has gorgeous depth of color and a handsome wooly appearance that really speaks to me, but it’s also nice and soft, gentle enough to rub against the back of a baby’s tender neck.

In truth, one skein is way more yarn than you need. I knit three bonnets and had enough left over for a little neck warmer. My final hat weighs 23g, less than a quarter of the skein. I haven’t test my theory, but I’m pretty sure you could knit an adult hat from the remaining 75g and still have enough for a matching bonnet.


It’s also a very quick knit! I completed it in two evenings after putting the baby to bed. It would be a perfect last-minute gift. I wrote up the pattern so I could reference it in the future, and I’m sharing it with you, because more babies in bonnets the better, as far as I’m concerned.

You can download the pattern for free by clicking the button below, or find it on Ravelry here.

Download Meta's Bonnet

If you make a bonnet, I’d love for you to share it with me! You can upload your project to Ravelry, link me to your blog post, or use the hashtag #metasbonnet when you post on Instagram.

Have a lovely holiday season and happy warm babies!


Meta's Bonnet(1)



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