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The design decisions that have been made in the hallway by previous owners are confusing at best. The brick wall was plastered over (it’s exposed in some of our neighbors’ units), then painted, then papered, then painted again, then papered in a raised polka dot patterned paper, then painted a fleshy beige. The overall effect […]

Dispatches from the dining room

After a wholly pleasant and unusually extended Spring, Philly’s heat and humidity has made an appearance in full force. While we’ve put an air conditioning unit in the bedroom for sleeping at night, we’ve resisted turning it on before 10 or putting another one in another part of the house. Frugality and a curious-but-unsubstantiated belief […]

The 90% bedroom

I hope you had a lovely Memorial day! Ours was spent with friends and family, as it should be, with a distinct lack of paint brushes in hand (refreshing), but also a curious absence of barbecue (regrettable). Happily, paint brushes aren’t beckoning yet, as the bedroom is maybe, sort of, close to being done. It’s […]

Everything is everywhere

MOVING, huh? The movers came to my apartment on Saturday morning, and in one hour-and-26-minutes fell swoop, my worldly possessions were relocated 7 blocks southwest. That was the easy part. (Mambo Movers FTW!) Now everything looks like this: Yikes. REALITY, PEOPLE. To be fair, this is the worst of it, mostly contained in the studio. […]

The radiator cover

At the end of March, the far wall of the dining room looked like this: And now, at the end of April, it looks like this: Still needs some curtains, but so far? Everything I was hoping it would be and more. The radiator cover makeover was an unexpected project, but my favorite change in […]

Choosing a rug for the dining room

Before we can really move forward with the dining room, we have to pick a rug. Since we’ll be using the furniture we already own, it’s the biggest purchase we’re making, which will set the tone of the whole room. Rugs are expensive, and I’m a little overwhelmed! Apartment Therapy recently posted guidelines for choosing […]

Stitching up the details

Little by little, we’ve been adding the finishing touches to the kitchen. It’s hard to believe that it’s been a month! Simultaneously, it feels like already and only. Some details! I added two Fintorp rails to the back of the island to keep utensils and cookware close at hand to the stove. They are also […]

The Projectory is here to help!

New and exciting changes are happening around here! The Projectory now has a Facebook page, so please go on over and click “Like” for updates, new posts, and outtake pictures that will probably more often than not feature Abel-the-dog. And secondly, I am thrilled to announce that I am now offering consulting services for your […]

Treasure(d) island

From the beginning of the kitchen design, we envisioned a kitchen island, a place to sit and drink coffee in the morning or a glass of wine while cooking at night. We initially considered the Stenstorp from Ikea, but it was both slightly too big and too much Ikea for the space. I then thought […]

The creatures and the floor

Or: how to choose a rug when you live with pint-sized wrecking balls. The dog, Abel. And, the cats, Ruthie and Naomi. It’s a lot of feet for our 480 sq ft, but they get along well. With the high ceilings, the cats have perches above the action, and the dog’s a lazy mutt who […]