Gay marriage is legal in our home state!


With yesterday’s ruling, Pennsylvania is now the 17th state to legalize gay marriage. The verdict was released yesterday when I was at work, and I had such a hard time not crying/laughing/getting utterly distracted at my quiet desk. After work, I met Nik at City Hall where the Decision Day rally had turned into a party complete with marching band, helicopters circling overhead and reporters and photographers working their way through the crowd. It was profound and monumental to be surrounded by so many laughing, loving, supportive, and celebrating people, both queer and allies.


Yes, we were planning a wedding regardless of recognition, and no, marriage is not the last word on legal protection against discrimination and equality for LBGTQ folks, but it is a huge, significant step in the right direction. I’m just so damn thrilled that these changes are happening during my lifetime!

Related! Nik and I recently got fancy dressed and my awesome friend took some pictures of us to celebrate our engagement. I think this is clearly the winner:


I used a couple of them as the impetus to update the About section of the website, so if you’re interested, go check it out! If it’s not your thing, I promise I’ll be back with more painting adventures soon (I will be painting for the rest of my liiiiife).


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