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Craft room reset in one weekend and $135

I find it to be fundamentally true for myself that productivity begets productivity, and the busier I am, the more I get done. Certainly there comes a breaking point, but I like to test those limits. In short, I’m gearing up to be productive as hell over the next couple months. My recent job change […]

The Projectory at Greensgrow

Philadelphia friends! I’ll be setting up shop at Greensgrow Farm’s holiday bazaar tomorrow from 10am to 4pm. Come shop locally for the holidays, pick up a tree at the garden center, and say hello to Milkshake, Kensington’s resident pig and 2013 mayoral candidate. I will have an array of my box zips: Flat zips: And […]

The Projectory, the shop

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you’ve heard the news, but here it is, officially officially! I’ll be launching an online shop at the end of the month featuring a collection of modern bags and home goods handmade from vintage and recycled materials. These are just some sneak peeks, I’ll be doing a […]

Hemlock tees and gathered skirts

So I have a clothing problem. Or, more accurately, I had one clothing problem, and now I have a different one. At the end of the summer, I finally took a long, hard look at my overflowing closet and realized that I wasn’t wearing most of what I owned. I just didn’t like a lot […]

The school desk

I’ve been on a TEAR around the house recently. Everything has been cleaned from top to bottom, and there’s not a single room where furniture hasn’t been added, removed, or otherwise rearranged. I’d felt like I’d hit a post-moving wall at 90% complete, and it’s good to move past that. I have to take more […]

The Studio

Impasse is one of those words that I know to see. Apparently, in almost 29 years, though, it’s not one that I’ve said often out loud, because when I trotted it out last week– “The studio has reached an im-pass-ay”— I learned that it’s a two syllable word, just like it looks. Im-pass. Who knew? […]

Engagement dress

I finished sewing my second modified April Rhodes party dress just in time for the special occasion deadline I set for myself: our engagement pictures! Saturday marks exactly one year to our 2015 wedding, which seemed like the perfect day to do this. To be honest, I didn’t think that doing an engagement photoshoot would […]

Party Dress: the very wearable muslin

Two of my dear friends got married on Saturday! It was a lovely gorgeous day, and the perfect opportunity to wear the first version of my April Rhodes Party Dress. Or at least that’s what I kept telling myself at 1pm as I frantically flipped through the pages of my serger manual for the first […]

Serge, baby!

Hello, gorgeous! This beauty came in the mail for me yesterday. It’s a Brother 1034D Serger, and paired with my sewing machine, I’m going to become a clothes sewing fiend this summer. This purchase was partially inspired/accelerated by the Party Dress I’m working on. This is my wearable muslin, and you may recognize the bodice […]

So much to do and things that have been done

Would you be aghast if I told you I hadn’t finished painting the trim and ceiling yet? What if I told you that we’re throwing a party with… (checks RSVPs)… 55-70 people in… (checks calendar)… 9 days? Yikes. Nik’s 30th birthday is on Thursday, and we’re having a huge party on Saturday. And I’ve done […]