Framing and a circus show

I hung a picture! The most pithy of home improvements, but when juggling several large in-progress projects at once, seeing even a small thing to its end is very satisfying.

It really does make a big difference, though. After Nik carefully transported it home from the Grand Canyon (our one souvenir!), it sat propped up on the counter for months. It’s a non-standard size, so I investigated DIY framing options, which led me down a rabbit hole of mat cutter and corner brad research. Eventually, in the time versus money equation, the scales tipped, and we looked for a professional to help us out.


For Christmas last year, Nik framed a picture of Abel-the-dog for me and bought a frame from the Etsy shop, Signed and Numbered. It was such a good experience, and we love the quality craftsmanship so much that we knew we wanted to work with them again.


True to their name, every frame is signed and numbered, custom made to order by a couple in Salt Lake City, Utah. We sent them the print size, they gave us their opinion on mat size, and though I absolutely love their modern color palette, we went with a classic white on white.

(For the record, neither this nor any of my brand mentions are sponsored in any way, just things I use and love. It’s always a little extra work to seek out great small businesses, so if my legwork leads you to a happy discovery, I feel like I’ve contributed, in a minuscule way, to a better commerce experience for everyone.)

I love looking up from the sink and seeing this memento from that awesome and surreal trip!

In other news, I turned over the keys to my studio apartment last week, which was bittersweet, though absolutely heavy emphasis on the sweet. I’ll miss my cozy bed nook and definitely the gold wall, but I’m ready for all the life, projects, and challenges that living with Nik represents.

I also had an amazing opportunity to perform this weekend on The Porch outside of 30th Street Station, an iconic Philadelphia landmark, as part of their summer arts programming. It was a gorgeous day, though I did manage to get a wicked sunburn.

The show was called Passages, the premise being that we were commuters passing through who happened to have surreal aerial experiences. I was a bike messenger, and one of my favorite parts was getting to hang out incognito in the crowd while other aerialists performed. Hearing live reactions is not something I usually get to experience!

Here are a couple pictures from Kendall Whitehouse, who generously shared his time and talent with us that day.

Tangle Movement Arts

Tangle Movement Arts



  1. That pop of color looks so great against those muted green walls! Love it! 🙂

    1. Thanks! I’m a little obsessed with the mint green/off orange combo right now. I have to work pretty hard to keep from making everything those colors!

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