Serge, baby!

20140608-113307.jpgHello, gorgeous! This beauty came in the mail for me yesterday. It’s a Brother 1034D Serger, and paired with my sewing machine, I’m going to become a clothes sewing fiend this summer.
This purchase was partially inspired/accelerated by the Party Dress I’m working on. This is my wearable muslin, and you may recognize the bodice fabric from my kitchen curtain project. I love it so much, I couldn’t let the extra go to waste, but the skirt fabric is pretty much a darker shade of the wall color, and, well… that’s why I’ve dubbed this my kitchen camouflage suit.
I want to finish the seams neatly, especially in the “real” version, but particularly in the center and waist seams, french or felled flat seams would add so much weight. Pluuuusssss, I’m in love this Pneuma Tank pattern from Papercut Patterns:
I have dream of ditching my years-old, threadbare gym clothes and stitching up an army of coordinated sports tops and leggings. Those are such small and specific reasons for justifying a major-for-me purchase, but really, I didn’t have to try too hard to convince myself.
To gain my sea-legs and become comfortable sewing knits, I’ve signed up to do Colette’s newest sew-along, the Moneta Dress:

Join the Moneta Sewalong!

I’m excited! I’m not typically a joiner, and I like to figure out new skills for myself by trial and error (read: the hard way), but I’m trying really hard to cultivate my baby sewing skills with good, solid instruction and let this be a hobby where I think less and do more. Here’s to hoping I’ll be showing off a new favorite knit dress by the end of the month!


  1. […] did this after a sewed most of the dress and just had some finishing to do (after the last picture). This emphasized the looseness in the bodice, and instead of draping casually, it gaped under my […]

  2. That dress looks supercute! I love the colors. And who wouldn’t want new gym clothes? That top looks like a yoga top I’m obsessed with.

    I just told Matt that a serger is something I want next. After piecing quilts, sewing baby bandanas, and seeing all of the awesome stuff everyone is making, I need to sew clothes. It just needs to happen. So many crafts, so many needles, so little time!

    1. Thank you, lady! I’m looooooving the serger. It’s really taken my sewing to the next level. I need to find some good baby patterns, cause all my cousins seem to keep having little ones. Let me know if you come across anything particularly good! (And, I fully support your serger acquisition determination, for the baby bandana photo-ops alone!)

  3. I love doing rolled hems on a serger! So much easier than on a sewing machine. I’m not sure if you know, since you haven’t had the serger very long, but if you put a stretch thread in the upper looper, it makes a beautiful rolled hem. The stretch thread will fluff out when it relaxes, and fills in the gaps, so you get a more solid looking hem.

    1. Ooh, that is so helpful. I need to order more thread, because the cream I have only matches so much. Is there any brand in particular that I’d be better off looking for?

      1. When I worked at a sewing machine dealer, all we carried was Maxilock, so that is the only brand I’m familiar with. But it is a great thread and the stretch version comes in a variety of colors.

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