The 90% bedroom

I hope you had a lovely Memorial day! Ours was spent with friends and family, as it should be, with a distinct lack of paint brushes in hand (refreshing), but also a curious absence of barbecue (regrettable).

Happily, paint brushes aren’t beckoning yet, as the bedroom is maybe, sort of, close to being done. It’s in that 90% place, where the details still need attention, but the next large-scale undertaking has started vying for our time. The dining room has been living in that state of near-fruition, too, but the studio needs help, stat. The bedroom is at least finished being painted, which is a relief because between the awful thin paint we started with and the decision to paint two of the door frames, doors and then the ceiling, I wasn’t sure if we’d ever be done, maybe deciding that the floors were next, spilling out into the hallway in a whole apartment takeover of blue bayberry (you think I’m kidding, but it was touch-and-go there for a minute).

We have new bedding to put on the bed soon, art to hang on the wall, and the ever-pesky switch plates to change out, but we’re getting there. The room feels good. This is where we were a week ago:


And here we are as of today:


I’m just so happy with the way the dark ceiling has turned out. Somehow it feels both cozy and expansive, it’s quiet and dark for settling in at night, but there’s the perfect amount of light that comes through the windows in the morning so that it doesn’t feel like waking up in a cave.

Although the room is largely Nik’s existing furniture, one of my early DIY home projects, a lamp I spray painted and rewired, fits right in, like it was meant for these dark walls:


These next two pictures highlight some work that needs to be done (there’s a closet door, for one, that I removed and want to paint), but this side of the room is coming together. The east wall is awkwardly broken up with a closet and bathroom doorway side by side. We painted both the same color as the walls in an effort to make them “invisible”, which I think works. It will work better when I figure out how to fix the door latch and reinstall the closet door.


In contrast, the trim and the door to the hallway got a coat of bright white paint:


We’re getting there! (As a Philadelphian, I have a new respect for this Septa motto.)



  1. The bedroom looks amazing!! I love everything going on in there! Is the bed spread vintage?

    1. Thank you so much, Rachel! I’m not sure where the bedspread is from actually (Target? Ikea?), but it’s an unfilled duvet cover that’s serving as kind of a heavy sheet. We have a new set of bedding that we’ll be switching over to soon, but I’m pleased that this goes so well in the room, too!

  2. I drool over your chunky baseboards! Your home has such great character!! I love how its coming along! 🙂

  3. […] new bedroom paint! I have to admit I was totally inspired by Maura’s bedroom makeover on her Projectory blog. I fell in love with the idea of a dark bedroom, an especially exciting idea because the rest of […]

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