Nik’s 30th birthday

We pulled it off! Saturday morning, the dining room was still a work space with paint cans, drop cloths, and hardware all over the floor, but that night, the house was clean and we had 70 people who came by to show Nik love for her 30th and eat cake.

There was a LOT of cake. Nik’s friend, E, couldn’t make it, but sent over two cakes she made herself from her amazing bakery, Flying Monkey: a vanilla cake with lemon curd filling and a flourless chocolate cake. I had also commissioned a cake from the lovely Nutmeg Treats, who made a flawless replica of the Wheel of Fortune game board, in reference to this clip, in which a woman mistakenly blurts out “SELF-POTATO” instead of “self-portrait” when trying the solve the puzzle. Nik loooooooves that clip, and the look on her face when I brought it out was priceless.


It was a gluten-free chocolate cake with half raspberry and half nutella filling and all so very good.

I had such a good time, I didn’t pick up my camera once, or even take out my phone to take any pictures, which I regret a little. But I did snap some shots of the aftermath details. I have to say, I’m grateful for the fact that 30-somethings party fairly neatly, because we didn’t have too much cleanup to take the next morning.


I made a couple different types of paper garlands using my sewing machine. I loved the look of these 3D hearts, but they were a bit fussy to construct. The triangle garlands came together much more easily, and at the last minute, I stuck the extra gold glitter triangles on the wall with painter’s tape.


Nik received a slew of lovely cards and a few pieces of art that I’m excited to hang on the walls.


And these fantastic tea towels from the talented Girls Can Tell, made here in Philly:


The biggest party animal was this guy, who can’t keep his eyes open today:


It couldn’t have gone better, and there’s nothing more affirming than this warm, generous, supportive and loving community of friends that we’ve surrounded ourselves with over the years. I am so appreciative for each and every one of them.

Plus, bonus! we’re going to be feasting on snacks and leftover cake for days.





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