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Engagement dress

I finished sewing my second modified April Rhodes party dress just in time for the special occasion deadline I set for myself: our engagement pictures! Saturday marks exactly one year to our 2015 wedding, which seemed like the perfect day to do this. To be honest, I didn’t think that doing an engagement photoshoot would […]

Gay marriage is legal in our home state!

With yesterday’s ruling, Pennsylvania is now the 17th state to legalize gay marriage. The verdict was released yesterday when I was at work, and I had such a hard time not crying/laughing/getting utterly distracted at my quiet desk. After work, I met Nik at City Hall where the Decision Day rally had turned into a […]

Nik’s 30th birthday

We pulled it off! Saturday morning, the dining room was still a work space with paint cans, drop cloths, and hardware all over the floor, but that night, the house was clean and we had 70 people who came by to show Nik love for her 30th and eat cake. There was a LOT of […]


A year prior to last Friday, I sat at a table in a tiny, tucked away whiskey bar. It was unseasonably cold, but I wore my favorite mustard yellow dress, short and swingy, layered with tights and a black cardigan. The door opened and I turned, caught her eye as she walked in the door. […]

I’m a Covergirl! and connecting with other bloggers

I was featured on the cover of the Philadelphia’s City Paper yesterday! Concurrent to my home projects, my knitwear designs, sewing projects and full-time job is another long-running project of mine. I’m an aerialist, a circus acrobat who specializes in trapeze. I work with a performance troupe, Tangle Movement Arts, which is comprised of nine […]

Mended mittens

I’ve been thinking, recently, about the function and process of craft in my life. One of the reasons that I am so enamored of sewing, I think, is that it is a time-focused and location-specific action. Currently, my machine is living in my girlfriend’s living room, because wrangling paper patterns, yardage, and an iron has […]

Goin’ Places

This summer has been flying by, full of swimming, biking, picnics and adventures. Last weekend, I went ziplining and this upcoming weekend, I’ll be going on my first camping trip. I’m training for the MS City to Shore bike ride (150 miles!) and working with some fantastic people on exciting circus projects. Busy busy busy! […]

All things circus

When I’m not making home decor out of silverware and┬áspray paint, much of my free time is spent at The Philadelphia School of Circus Arts. Eighteen months ago, I took my first aerials class, and I’ve been hooked ever since. At the very least, it’s a great way to get into shape. I’ve gone from […]

Breda’s Cowl

I am so very thrilled that my crochet pattern, Breda’s Cowl, is featured on Martha Stewart’s craft blog, The Crafts Department, today! I love collaborating with my friends, Kate and Courtney, of Kelbourne Woolens, and being able to take part in this project has just been amazing. Road to China Light is, without question, one […]

I thought you were going to say lamp!

I was an Irish Step dancer growing up, and to me, St. Patrick’s Day meant marching in the local parade, a dance performance at a restaurant or a nursing home and delicious corned beef, potatoes and brown bread that my mom would make. It was always a very family oriented holiday, and I think that’s […]