The start of the bedroom makeover

In the midst of the short term planning (Nik’s 30th birthday!) and the long term planning (wedding!), the mid-range seems to have crept up and suddenly seems very very soon. I have movers scheduled to come in 26 days with a 5 day business trip thrown in there for good measure. So in 21 days, I have to pack or purge all of my things.

We also have to finish some projects around the house before this happens. Nik’s bedroom is currently towards the front of the apartment, but we’re going use the second bedroom instead, and the first will become my studio. The second bedroom has been serving as workspace and storage during the kitchen and dining renovations and has amassed quite a few things. Nonetheless, we moved what we could out into the hall and everything else into the center of the room and started painting.

The color is Blue Bayberry, by Olympic. I love the color, but I have to say, I don’t love the paint. Even though it’s also paint with primer, it goes on much thinner than the Valspar we used in the dining room.

The room is laid out a little awkwardly. Along the far wall are doorways to both the bathroom and the closet. While we’d like to reconfigure that in the future, in the meantime, I decided that we should paint both, including the molding, the same saturated teal as the walls, so that they’ll just blend right in.


That’s the hope, anyway! At the moment, they’re looking like the decor in the punk houses I used to frequent for parties and shows in my early twenties.

But here’s an exciting thing: we’ve scouted out and BOOKED our wedding venue for June 2015. It’s a historic house in an arboretum with extensive grounds. I love it so much.




  1. Have fun with your wedding planning!!!

  2. If you havnt used up all the paint I say return it if you got it at lowes – I just returned a half used up gallon because the paint it self was so thin – they took it back no hassle after I told them the reason. Also I love the color – I think I want to do something like that in my dining room.

  3. […] never actually finished painting the bedroom, since packing took over priority, and I felt like we couldn’t actually unpack until that was […]

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