Bright ideas

The other day, I stood in the light bulb aisle of Lowe’s meticulously scanning the boxes for the specialty bulb I was looking for. Next to me, a man and a women kept dropping and audibly breaking the bulbs. Not on purpose, but with neither chagrin nor remorse, multiple bulbs slipped from their hands as they picked them and crashed to the floor. Six of them, maybe eight, in multi-packs of twos and threes. A veritable light bulb massacre.


For my part, I found what I was looking for (and diligently inspected): a GIANT five inch diameter bulb. Did you know that’s a thing? It’s a thing! In each corner of the dining room is a globe light. One burned out, and I found out that this is the first time that has occurred in the six years of Nik’s apartment ownership. We weren’t sure if it was a more complicated fixture or wiring situation, but upon closer examination, it really was just a burned out bulb. An appropriate amount of ‘bright idea’ jokes were made.


I wasn’t sure if I’d have to order the bulb online, but they did have it in the store. At $4.98, it would make a great addition to a pendant cord, less than you could buy a globe shade of the same diameter and more of a statement than the usual bare bulb. I’m glad I found one that matched the rest, so we don’t have to replace them all right now. I just really have to get up there and dust.



I also took apart our radiator cover. I initially set out to paint the thing, but decided it would be more easily accomplished if I removed the metal insert, which I wanted to spray paint. It was difficult to take the nails out, though, and I wound up warping the edges badly doing so, and then I realized it was nailed under the top board, which was also splitting.


A couple hard whacks with the hammer, respectively startling the fiancée and terrifying the dog, and I had the thing in pieces. I’ll have to stop back at the hardware store to pick up a new piece of sheet metal and top board this week. This is not exactly helping me meet my deadline of finishing the room before this weekend’s party, but I’m excited to tackle this project.




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