So much to do and things that have been done

Would you be aghast if I told you I hadn’t finished painting the trim and ceiling yet? What if I told you that we’re throwing a party with… (checks RSVPs)… 55-70 people in… (checks calendar)… 9 days? Yikes. Nik’s 30th birthday is on Thursday, and we’re having a huge party on Saturday. And I’ve done very little for it so far! A combination of a celebratory weekend plus wicked seasonal allergies have sapped my energy this week. But I started working on some fun sewn paper garlands last night, and I’m excited to pull the rest of the room together. (Surely I can paint the ceiling with decorations on the wall? Maybe not.)


In other exciting news, one of my new knitting patterns has been released!


Calexico is a light and floaty summer sweater knit from The Fibre Company’s Meadow and Savannah in Queen Anne’s Lace and Natural. It’s a whole lotta stockinette, but the linen/wool blend is such a dream to knit with. If you like it, you can buy the pattern here on Ravelry. These pictures were taken by the lovely Amanda Stevenson.


And pictures from Timelines, the aerial theater show I performed in, are trickling in, and I’m so pleased to see them! These are from the talented photographer and all-around amazing guy, Mike Ermilio.

maura back angel

You can view his gallery of the show here. I can’t even tell you how fantastic it feels to be back in the air and working with these strong and capable women.

maura flag


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