A new pattern in the making and the adventure of a lifetime

May I present to you: The Grand Canyon!


Sitting in a small cafe in a town outside Sedona, Arizona, I incidentally eavesdropped on a senior gentleman sharing breakfast with his equally wizened friend. “Some experiences are ineffable. Do you know that word? Ineffable. It means it can’t be described in words.” He went onto deride the belief in science and then into an odd, contradictory detour about how we only actively use 1200 words, but could get away with 300 if we were more efficient, theories I can’t endorse, but I have to give him credit for the perfect word to describe my week. Utterly ineffable.

And though I’ve been having the experiences of a lifetime, I’m also coming up on a knitting project deadline, and deadlines wait for no transcendent experience.


We flew into Vegas, and I knit on the plane and in the rental car:


In my winter coat after watching the sunrise over Mather Point:


In my fleece after picnic lunch out on Grandview Point:


And on Cedar Ridge after hiking 2 miles into the canyon along the Kaibab trail:


And that was all in one day. The weather fluctuations are intense.There are a lot of cables in this design, but I’m glad to be in a stretch of stockinette that doesn’t require me to look at my stitches. There’s so much else to look at.


I think this may be my very favorite thing I’ve designed, and I can’t wait to properly introduce it. The yarn and the pattern will be unveiled in May!




  1. Love your blog! Amazing photos of your trip. xx

    1. The trip of a lifetime. 🙂

  2. Knitting AND travelling? I fully endorse this. Great photos!

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  4. […] I love looking up from the sink and seeing this memento from that awesome and surreal trip! […]

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