The kitchen series: let there be light!

This was the day that I walked into the kitchen and actually exclaimed out loud. The days prior had been like a slow game of “what’s different between these two pictures?” with subtle, but HUGELY important changes, like rock-solid and level outlets, wall patches, new pipes for the sink, and a mortared subfloor. When I couldn’t stop by on Tuesday, Nik sent me pictures that she helpfully labeled with technical construction terminology:


But now we have a ceiling! Light! Working switches! And wall paint!!



I’m in love with this color. It’s very very similar to the color I painted my current kitchen when I moved in:


and, honestly, very similar to the color I painted my bedroom two years before that:


I’m just not tired of it at all! The specific color is Valspar’s Neon Mint. It’s actually a lot more saturated than I thought it would be, since the shade card was filed among the near-whites at the store, and it didn’t really stand out. It seems pretty bright now, but when we add the grey cabinets, white backsplash and wood counters and floors, I think it’s going to be just right.

As for the un-centered sink, I think we solved the problem. And it only took two trips to Ikea! Here we are in the parking lot with a backseat full of cabinet components we had to exchange (why does each cabinet come in ten boxes??), dreading the weekend mob:


But I should have taken an after picture of that experience, because honestly, it was pretty painless. We swapped out the left-most cabinet for a 30″ (instead of a 24″) and the right-most for a 12″ (instead of an 18″), and got to keep the knee-kick garbage cabinet that I am so utterly smitten with. I can’t think of a better way to describe its function, but it will make a lot more sense once it’s installed and I spend a whole post waxing poetic about it.






Not kidding.

So we are at the phase of the game where everything is super exciting! In a show of poor timing, we are also taking a trip to the Grand Canyon next week. Which is also very exciting! The kitchen will be done by the time we get back, but I’m more than a little sad we won’t see the day to day progress, which has been picking up speed. I am also more than a little grateful that we have such an awesome contractor that we feel comfortable leaving him to finish the work. When someone like that who says they can fit you into their schedule if you start a bit earlier, you just go for it.


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  1. I am so happy to have found this off FB – I love absolutely renovation blogs! I can’t wait to see the finished kitchen 🙂

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