The kitchen

I have made it through June, the month of weddings and work trips, packing and moving. All the things! I know that there are five days left, but having made it home from a non-stop whirlwind of a six day trip to Columbus for TNNA, the national needlearts association tradeshow (amazing! exhausting!), my obligation to this month is OVER.

And now my work on project: home can really begin. I’m in a state of tenuous equilibrium at the moment. Everything is just liveable enough, but my walls are lined with boxes, and I am on a perpetual scavenger hunt.

The one space that is starting to feel complete is my kitchen. It’s teeny tiny, but it has two giant windows, and it’s big enough for me. When I moved in, the far window was covered in heavy plastic and duct tape, which I discovered was a temporary fix to a broken windowsill that had a hole straight to the outside. I asked them to fix it while I was away, and it was when I came home. Not openable, but not covered in duct tape, I’ll take it. Soon, maybe tomorrow, I’ll take down the blinds and hang sheer curtains at the bottom half of the windows.


I painted the walls and hung a shelf above the sink. I recently ordered a bunch of prints of my Instagram pictures from Foxgram, which was easy, cheap and look great (don’t bother with the phone app, though. Twice I tried to use it to place an order, and twice it crashed after I had meticulously gone through and selected 50+ pictures). I put a few (more than a few) on the fridge with the alphabet set I snagged at Target on a whim, and all of it feels just right.



The more extensive project, though, was the pegboard. Building the bedroom nook created a sort of hallway into the kitchen, and I’m using it as a storage extension (or the butler’s pantry, if you’re getting my “fancy house” tour). When I moved in, the view from the kitchen door was the front door:


And now there is a wall there, and it looks like this:


It’s so satisfying to arrange everything just so that I want to put everything back in its place and keep it organized. Conversely, the entrance now has a vestibule of sorts, and I’m looking forward to making it more of a functional space for keys and mail and the dog’s leash. Once I tackle box mountain.




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