Everything in its own little box

The weather has been stormy, and I feel like a tornado. I am in the thick of it, the part of organization where everything is much messier than it was to begin with. The neatly stacked boxes are all opened and strewn, and I swear they’re beginning to multiply, because no matter how many I empty, their numbers never seem to decrease.

A couple of pleasing projects came together this weekend, starting with a bathroom reorganization. Consistent in theme, the bathroom is tiny and has shelves that are narrow and deep. They looked like this:


And all my things sat on the window sill looking like this:


I went to the dollar store and found a perfectly sized container. The color options were limited, but there was a red I could live with. I bought 12 baskets and sorted my things into categories. Front and center is the everyday basket, all the things I use on a consistent basis before leaving the house: a brush, hairspray, deodorant, moisturizer, mascara, etc. Other basket categories include things like first aid, pet supplies, non-daily essentials, makeup and nail polish, super fancy times accoutrements, laundry supplies, cleaning supplies. I’m thinking about borrowing a label-maker to put labels on everything (everything). It would probably be overkill, but it would also greatly satisfy my sense of order. I got two large totes for the space at the bottom to hold the pet food, and the result is so pleasingly neat. I can pull out baskets to reach the things at the back without making a mess:


And now I have a window, which now desperately needs a curtain:


The cats’ food bowls have moved off the kitchen floor onto this ledge, and the dog’s bowls were already under the sink, so all the pet dining needs are in one place, which makes all the sense, unless (until) the dog figures out how to get to the cat food, which is apparently delicious.


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