The next project

After the bathroom, all the major work on the condo had been completed, and we started to think about the smaller projects we wanted to do next. The living room needed a furniture edit and a new coat of paint, the studio needed something to accommodate its multipurpose functions, we really needed more shelves to accommodate all the double and triple stacked books. The overall theme seemed to be getting more use out of the space we had.

Starting with the low-hanging fruit, we gave the bedroom a refresh. In the time since we first painted the walls and ceiling a dark teal, we’d had a custom radiator cover with bookshelves built and bought a new bedroom set. With some new bedding and a furniture rearrangement, it looked like this:


And then, well, this happened:


A whole new before. Yeah, we totally bought a house.


It wasn’t out of the blue. We’d been casually looking for over a year. We got in touch with a realtor that many of my friends have worked with over the years and set up a first meeting in July. Just a couple weeks later, we’d found a house and were under contract. This picture was taken on inspection day in August, after it was clear that it was only a matter of waiting for closing day. We did have a long closing period, and it’s just been 16 days since we got the keys and moved in. I think we’ve been painting ever since. Or cleaning. Painting and cleaning.

The house is a Second Empire Victorian and with high ceilings, a gorgeous staircase, a set of working pocket doors, and original plaster molding. Most of the paperwork says 1880 (some of it says 1920, which is clearly wrong), but we’ve found it in an atlas dating back to 1871, and there are are woodworking details that suggest it was actually built in the 1860’s. It’s definitely possible. The city has never been particularly meticulous with their recordkeeping, especially back then. The house is historically designated, but it really wasn’t preserved in a lot of ways- all of the bathrooms and kitchen suffered badly at the hands of the 90’s and someone along the way had a predilection for builder’s special beige tile. It’s definitely a fixer-upper, but there’s enough original detail that makes it worth it the years of renovations ahead.


20161004-IMG_4738.jpgWe are more settled now than this picture from the end of moving day, but it’s going to be a while before we’re truly unpacked. In part, this is because we’ll be doing work on the kitchen in the next few months. Moving is exhausting and a whole lot of work, but I’m happy happy happy.

The pup is pretty happy, too.



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