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The sunroom window seat

The other evening, I took my shears out to the side yard and harvested an armful of forsythia branches. I arranged them in a vase on the sunroom table, and it instantly felt like spring, despite the persistent cold. After I snapped a picture for Instagram, I fell into the rabbit hole of finding the progress […]

Tearing it down to build it up

One week in, and there’s one less bathroom in our single-bathroom home. Our tiny cat-contractor started her work bright and early Monday morning, and in no time, the terrible drop ceiling came crashing down. But I would strongly advise against hiring a cat contractor, because they tend to lose motivation pretty quickly and take long […]

Blog feature on Barn Light Electric!

Guys, I am having one of those NAILED IT! design fail weeks. I started to prep the walls of the studio to paint, but realized I’d have to skim coat most of the room to do a decent job. I started to paint a set of shelves and realized that I was just kind of […]

The kitchen series: the demolition and the counter saga

Goodbye, old cabinets and cheap linoleum countertops! We will miss you never! We are nearing the end of the first week of the renovation, and the kitchen is looking pretty bare. The dining room, however… …is absurdly full. I feel like the luckiest person in the world, having a second place to live while this […]

A vertical garden for a hopeless gardener

I kill plants. Over-watering, under-watering, straight up forgotten. I have excelled in every method possible of converting a lush green thing into a brown, dried up, twiggy shell of its former self. I love plants, though, and this is a thing I want to change about myself, so I’m going to give it another go […]