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Lamps and other things that light up my life

I just rewired a lamp! What, it looks really familiar? That’s because I painted it last March (!!!). Rewiring lamps is a simple thing. It only takes a couple minutes, and I even had a lamp kit ready and waiting. But it sat on my side table, looking pretty, but lackluster, until just the other […]

I thought you were going to say lamp!

I was an Irish Step dancer growing up, and to me, St. Patrick’s Day meant marching in the local parade, a dance performance at a restaurant or a nursing home and delicious corned beef, potatoes and brown bread that my mom would make. It was always a very family oriented holiday, and I think that’s […]

Happiness times two

I made the luckiest thrift store find today. But first, a bit of backstory (an illustrated tale, if you will). This fall, I discovered the transformative power of paint and began an obsession with lamps. I had these things that I’d trashpicked and acquired at thrift stores: And this lamp: You know when you see […]