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Painted chairs

A quick look through my phone revealed I have over 100 browser windows open, alternating between news articles and home renovation ideas. I couldn’t find, though, the picture that has been stuck in my head for a few weeks now. It was just a painted chair in an entryway, simple, but that’s what I’ve had […]

The Terrarium

I love thrift stores. I love the hunt and the sense possibility and the deals. I love having objects that carry their own history, that have been in lives before they’ve come into mine. I have a circuit of three near my house that I like to stop in on a weekly basis and  a […]

The church pew

Have I told you about our porch? Probably not, because it’s mostly been a clutter-filled workspace where lonely tomato plants go to die (sorry, Nik, it’s true). But that’s about to change! It’s a pretty large space with a lot of potential, and I want it to be an extension of our living space. This […]

A place to sit

You guys. I spent the last five days at the TNNA tradeshow in Indianapolis, a biannual gathering of the best of the knitting business industry all in one place, and as always, I am equal parts inspired and exhausted. I’m going to give my brain a break and save my pictures and commentary for the […]

Craigslist: my personal worst and best

When I was 20 and vegan and eating an abundance of vegan McMuffins, I answered a Craiglist ad for nutritional yeast. “We’re moving! 5 lbs! Free.” When I showed up on the South Philly doorstep, it was swarming with other Craiglist-free opportunists undeterred by the harried young woman who was watching her things being carried […]

A corduroy skirt!

My very favorite winter skirt is high-waisted, short, gathered, and chartreuse corduroy. So when I came across a corduroy sale at the fabric store, I knew that I wanted to recreate it, a little less short and a little less chartreuse, because as much as I love the color, it doesn’t quite lend itself to […]

A new-found love and my Miette skirt

It’s a little embarrassing, but I’ve been intimidated by sewing for a good…. 13 years now. My aunt gave me a machine when I was 15, and it sat in my closet, unused, until I moved out when I was 18 and my parents sold their house. I think the sewing machine was sold at […]

Filling in the blanks and gaps

…is a line from a Frightened Rabbit song, in case you’ve also had the working title of a blog post in your head for the better part of a week while you wait to take pictures, because it’s already dark when you get home from the gym after work now, and it elicits a song […]

Everything in its own little box

The weather has been stormy, and I feel like a tornado. I am in the thick of it, the part of organization where everything is much messier than it was to begin with. The neatly stacked boxes are all opened and strewn, and I swear they’re beginning to multiply, because no matter how many I […]

Lamps and other things that light up my life

I just rewired a lamp! What, it looks really familiar? That’s because I painted it last March (!!!). Rewiring lamps is a simple thing. It only takes a couple minutes, and I even had a lamp kit ready and waiting. But it sat on my side table, looking pretty, but lackluster, until just the other […]