The bathroom of my nightmares, part two.

Don’t freak out, darlings, and don’t question the choices that you make.  It’s all part of the process.

Did you you know mildew-resistant drywall is purple? And not just purple, but the very specific shade of reddish plum that happens to be my least favorite shade of my least favorite color? Alas. We’ve got some very strong boudoir vibes going on here.

Color notwithstanding, the progress from this week and the previous was warp speed. The recessed lights are installed! The ceiling in in place! We have walls! You may notice that we do not have a toilet or a door at this moment. Details.

bathroom renovation processOne of the things that is immediately apparent when you walk into the room is the sturdy levelness of the floor. Before the tile was laid, the contractors used the same self-leveling compound that they used in the kitchen. Of course, it also means that in our old building, we’re also going to need another custom threshold piece to transition into our sloping hall.

paint samples bathroom renovation progressThe purple is also not long for this world. The subway wall tile is going up today, and we picked up a few paint samples to test last night. This color will be going in both the hallway and the bathroom. On the left is Behr Evening White, and on the right is Planetary Silver. In the florescent light of the store, we preferred the shade darker, but in the warmer incandescent light, it was way too dark. I wanted a color a hair darker than white, just enough to make the subway tiles and trim pop, and this fits the bill.

bathroom renovation progressThe tub is in places and working, which is a luxury I will never take for granted again. The handle is the only fixture that has been installed so far, though it doesn’t quite coordinate with the cement board the way that I’m sure it will with the subway tile.

bathroom renovation progress delta trinsicAfter falling hard and fast for Kohler’s Purist line in Brushed Gold, I also ran into the reality of the price tag, which is hefty. After obsessively researching our options, I found Delta’s Trinsic line in Champagne Bronze, which I love equally. The fact that the line is less than half the cost is a plus, but I don’t feel like I’m comprising the style that I wanted to fit the budget I had. I love when everything aligns that way.

bathroom renovation progressThis should be the home stretch! Barring anything significantly unforeseen, somehow these purple walls are going to transform into the bathroom of our dreams by the end of the week.


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  1. […] and pleasing parts was matching the finishes of the fixtures. I mentioned in a past post the quest to find the perfect fixtures. I was dead set on using a brass tone, and Delta’s Trinsic line […]

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