In the thick of it

At the end of the second week, we’re in the “spot the differences” stage. Progress seems visually slow, but functionally steady. On Monday, work came to a halt when it was discovered that the building’s main water shutoff valve was broken. That had to be repaired, and then the plumbing rough-ins were finished, including rerouting the tub plumbing to the opposite wall.

bathroom renovation progress The best day was when the framing went in for the drop-in tub and knee wall. Instantly, I could see the shape of the room start to come alive.

bathroom renovation framing progressOriginally, we planned to include a ledge behind the tub for bathroom storage, but as the walls came down, we realized that we had gained enough space to fully tuck the tub behind the door frame. The ledge as we envisioned it would have encroached on that precious newfound space. Not wanting to sacrifice that, we quickly redesigned the ledge into a recessed niche. We did get our ledge elsewhere, though, behind the toilet plumbing, which stuck out from the wall much farther than expected. My favorite part is that the base of the tub niche, the half wall, and the toilet ledge are all on the same horizontal plane.

bathroom renovation framing progressI love that so much.

Towards the end of the week, the electricians started their work, and I can see the light at the end of the bare-bulb tunnel.

bathroom renovation electric progressFour recessed lights are being installed in the ceiling. This also kicked off the secondary phase of the project: add all the lights to our hallway. Right now, we have one badly installed sconce midway down the long hall. That’s being replaced, a flush mount light will be installed outside the bathroom, and recessed lights will be installed running down the hall. I don’t think I entirely understood what that entailed, though, because what’s happening is that a trench was carved down the center of the ceiling.

hallway renovation progressThe wall is not part of this fix, but I have a feeling that once we can see them better, planning this second part of the project will become a priority.

Everything is covered in a layer of plaster dust. The materials waiting to be used are piled in the living room. The tools are heaped in the dining room (tidily sequestered atop drop cloths, but still). Everything feels in a state of disarray, but barring anything exceptionally unforeseen, we’re halfway there.

In two weeks, we’ll have bright white walls and deep grey floors.

bathroom inspirationBrass and warm wood fixtures and accents.

bathroom inspirationAnd a tidy, tiled recessed niche.

bathroom inspiration


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