Another new beginning

Hello, my blog. You’re looking kinda dusty. Up until this June, Nikki and I were working on this thing, this gorgeous thing, that took a lot of time and meticulous planning:

Awbury Arboretum wedding, Philadelphia

Awbury Arbortetum wedding, Philadelphia

Awbury Arboretum wedding, PhiladelphiaWhich was great! But that’s not why we’re here. In contrast to these happy gorgeous pictures (thanks, Shannon Collins, we looooooove you!), I have some horrid pictures to show you. Terrible. Gross.

bathroom renovation beforeWelcome to the bathroom. It actually doesn’t look all that bad here! Bright, at least? But it’s just not good. For instance:

bathroom renovation beforeThere’s not much storage, so we make do with a small wooden school desk and a cheap particle board bookcase on the radiator.

bathroom renovation beforeThe window is lined with dirt on the unreachable outside and the unscrubable inside.

bathroom renovation beforeThe floor tile goes around, but not actually under, the fixtures. And I’m very sorry to show you these next two pictures, but it has to be done.

20151005-093140.jpgWhat is this?? I mean, really. The toilet hugs the wall on one side of its little alcove, as if it was tired and started to lean against the wall.

bathroom renovation beforeAnd the terror behind the curtain is a gross bath fitter with soft walls and grout that just won’t scrub clean. Honestly, I know that it looks like we haven’t cleaned this bathroom in years, but we went so far as to hire a professional to do the job, and it didn’t make a difference. The dirt was just too embedded.

So it begins! Demo is happening over the next few days, and the whole project should take 3-4 weeks. We’re staying in an Airbnb right now, since it’s our only bathroom, but it should be preliminarily usable after the first couple days. We’ll be keeping the layout relatively the same, except for the tub. The hookups will be switched to the other side, and the wall closer to the window will become a half wall, to open things up more.

I can’t wait! I’ve been meticulously researching for months, and I’m so looking forward to seeing this tiny, complicated room come together.



  1. Jennifer · · Reply

    Yay, you’re back at the blog! Although, getting hitched is way more than a good reason to take a break.

    I’m not in love with our bathroom, either. We rent, though, so there’s not much we can do. Our place makes you get professionals to clean between tenants, but it looks like they just put more grout over whatever was unscrubbable. I got a steam cleaner to help with that, though.

    Your description of the toilet is hysterical, and I can’t wait to see the end result. The process is a noteworthy portion, too. Taking something and making it your own is always fun (but you’d never know from the people on House Hunters lol).

    1. Oh god, I’m obsessed with House Hunters. “I love this location, and the windows are perfect…. but I don’t like that light fixture. Or the paint color.” Yes, those are definitely the deal breakers here.

      Renting is always a challenge, especially when it comes to kitchens and bathrooms, since so much of the space is fixed. Sounds like you have your grout solution sorted, but there’s also this grout paint, which looks kind of awesome. And a good shower curtain can go a long, long way!

      1. I clearly remember one hunter saying that she didn’t want trees in the backyard because she “hated the sound of birds chirping in the morning.” Easy there, Tippi Hedren.

        The marble countertops/stainless steel appliances/double bathroom sink/move-in ready hunters are the best. Whenever they quote some unrealistic budget, Matt’s mom (who’s a 20+year real estate agent) goes, “PFFT! Good luck with that!”

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