The Living Room

Leaving well enough alone. That, my friends, is for the birds, and people who enjoy a sense of completeness in their lives. Not me, in other words.

The living room is the one room in our apartment that I’m not decorating right now. I’m not decorating it so much that I haven’t taken a single before picture yet, and I’m not decorating it to the point that I’ve rearranged the furniture for the fourth time in as many months. But I’m pretty pleased with the current version, so maybe it will stick a while.

Plants in a sunny window | The Projectory

With the impending first frost, I needed to bring some of my plants in from the balcony. We get a good amount of sun in our space, but it’s mostly filtered indirectly through the side windows that overlook the alley. The front window definitely gets the most direct light, so it made the most sense to make that our greenhouse.

Hanging plant in a galvanized bucket | The Projectory

I’ve had a hard time finding containers that I like for plants. Most of the things I find at the garden centers or hardware stores are plastic or heavy ceramic and kind of ugly. I trash picked and thrifted a couple old galvanized buckets recently, though, and I like the way they look quite a bit.

Hanging plant in a galvanized bucket | The Projectory

This one even has an old label on it that I kept. I drilled holes in the bottom for drainage and lined the buckets with burlap before filling them with potting soil. Hopefully that will perk up my poor, ragged spider plant. He previously lived in the dining room window where I don’t think he got enough sun.

Philodendron | The Projectory

The philodendron’s looking pretty happy, though!

Indoor succulent garden | The Projectory

As is my little succulent container garden. Don’t tell the others, but this one is my favorite.

Hens and chicks in a container garden | The Projectory

And my most successful gardening endeavor. The hens and chicks were all propagated from that one large bloom in the center.

Indoor succulent container garden | The Projectory

And the drapey bright green fella flourishing in the front? That all grew from a one inch clipping I snagged from a neighbor’s pretty front garden.

I’m loving all this greenery in the house! It adds a level of life and coziness I didn’t know I was missing in my home. And it’s hard to say that my home is missing life when two of the four resident ragamuffins are almost always two feet away from me at all times. Evidence:

We're not even looking at you.

We’re not even looking at you.

The other side of the room is coming along, too, though it’s not quite there yet.

Bookshelves in the living room | The Projectory

We scored this utterly gorgeous mid-century china cabinet from Jinxed. Even with delivery by the inimitable Philly Van Man (who is really great and highly recommended if you’re in the area), it was absurdly cheap.  But the wall looks overcrowded with the cabinet and the blue hutch. I need to nix the hutch, but I can’t find space for it anywhere else in our apartment, and I’m a little attached to it. It was free, but Nik painted it from a boring blonde wood, we found antique window pulls to use as the hardware, and there’s an under-cabinet light between the shelves. So until I figure it out, it stays.

A dog makes a home | The Projectory

It’s okay, though. The room is pretty “well enough” for now.


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