One of my very favorite things I’ve ever knit is now out in the world! Kelbourne Woolens recently introduced another amazing yarn, Knightsbridge, a blend of baby llama, merino wool, and silk, and as part of the accompanying collection, I would like to introduce you to Harvey:

Harvey knit vest


Harvey is a vest that combines traditional gansey patterns with a flattering modern fit and cowl neck. The body is knit flat and seamed at the sides for added structure. I knit a fair amount of the sample in the Grand Canyon, and while I really wish it was living here in my closet, this vest is going to be a more seasoned traveler than myself shortly, traveling around the US in month-long trunk shows until the end of May 2016.


Good luck, little vest! If you want to knit a Harvey of your own, you can download the pattern from Ravelry or purchase a hard copy at your local yarn shop.


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