The school desk

I’ve been on a TEAR around the house recently. Everything has been cleaned from top to bottom, and there’s not a single room where furniture hasn’t been added, removed, or otherwise rearranged. I’d felt like I’d hit a post-moving wall at 90% complete, and it’s good to move past that. I have to take more pictures, but in the meantime, one quick highlight from last week’s studio project:

This desk was a trashpick from last June. Nik and I spotted it while walking in the neighborhood, and as I plucked it out of the junk heap it sat in, I joked that it was our first furniture acquisition together, but I guess that’s accurate. It lived in the basement until I figured out what to do with it.

It’s in good shape, but the brown wasn’t my thing, so I covered it up with Rustoleum in a semi-gloss white.

It makes the perfect sewing table, and I love having separate work stations for my sewing machine and serger. I might go back and paint the legs, as well, but for now I’m pretty happy with it as is!


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