Blog feature on Barn Light Electric!

Guys, I am having one of those NAILED IT! design fail weeks. I started to prep the walls of the studio to paint, but realized I’d have to skim coat most of the room to do a decent job. I started to paint a set of shelves and realized that I was just kind of over painting completely right now, so I stopped at the supports. I tried to put up said shelves, broke one of the supports and had a whole solid wood structure come crashing down narrowly missing my head.

But, in perfect timing, our kitchen renovation is featured on Barn Light Electric’s blog today with some brand new pictures, and I’m in love with it all over again. I love the pendant light over the sink, and, really, I love everything about that room. I want to take the time to feel that way about our whole home, including my difficult studio. I think that means pacing myself to tackle the details with care.
Go take a look at the blog feature! I’m so excited to have been interviewed, and they are lovely, lovely people.

In circus news, I’m taking part in an aerial art installation as part of The Forcefield Project. Working towards incorporating more “art” into my performance has long been a goal of my training, and I’m excited to see the work of the 44 other artists who are taking part in this event. We’ll be working with live music, and I’m performing on silks for the first time, as well as my old friend, trapeze. If you’re in the Philadelphia area, we’ll be doing our thing from 1-3pm on Saturday (tomorrow!), and I hope you stop by!


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  1. Thanks so much Maura for your kind words! We are in love with your kitchen as well and it’s always a treat for us to see our products in a customer’s home. We’re so happy you love your kitchen and your new schoolhouse pendant!

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