Small Cool!

So excited that my sweet little studio has been chosen as an entry in Apartment Therapy’s Small Cool contest. If you like what I do, would you click on the picture above and put in a vote for me? The prize is a gift card to Joybird, and I’d love to use it towards outfitting our new home. And winning. I really love winning. 😉

As excited as I am to move forward, it’s a little bittersweet to leave this gorgeous space behind. We only had a year together, but I’m pretty proud of all the projects I accomplished in that time. I feel like I learn a little more with everything I do, and I know our new space is already benefitting from the successes and failures along the way.


In other news, it’s CATMAGEDDON around here. Nik has two cats and so do I, so we’re in the process of blending our feline family. They haven’t actually met yet (separation is a luxury in 1200 sq feet!), but I brought my cats over for the first time yesterday, and it’s a whole new world for them. They’re loving their box palace so far!



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