As I begged off my third social engagement in as many days because of the tired, my friend Carolyn remarked that they have a saying for that in her family: “Feeling like a squashed bug that isn’t dead yet.”

Yes. Accurate. Between the recent travel, a low-grade illness I picked up along the way, and the wretched allergies this season, I’ve been pretty draggy this past week. Packing has been coming along at a slower than I’d rather pace, but I think we’re going to be ready when the movers come on Saturday.

This latest TNNA was crazy early, but they just keep getting better and better. I really think this one was the best yet! For those not in the little-niche know, The National Needlearts Association tradeshow is a biannual tradeshow for yarn makers and their ilk to connect with their yarn shop stockists and show off everything new for the upcoming season, Fall, in this case.


In my 9-5 life, I work with the inimitable women of Kelbourne Woolens. On their blog is a great behind the scenes look at our weekend (and in regards to the first booth setup, yes, that is my go-to camera face.)

Here’s a couple more highlights of my own!

I have to say, one of my favorite parts was a fun contest we ran to promote our new collection coming out for Fall. People were encouraged to style their favorite garment and Instagram it with the hashtag #KWStyleIt. Competition ran high among the stylish aesthetes. We supplied clothes and accessories to work with, but some participants took off their own shoes and jewelry to add to their tableaux, and my ever-amiable coworker, Leah, was even cajoled into contributing her own belt at one point!


I loved, loved, loved seeing my newest pattern, the vest I knit on my Grand Canyon trip, make its debut. Here’s a sampling of the looks fellow knitters put together:


Can’t wait to see this pattern make its official debut later this summer!






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