A place to sit

You guys. I spent the last five days at the TNNA tradeshow in Indianapolis, a biannual gathering of the best of the knitting business industry all in one place, and as always, I am equal parts inspired and exhausted. I’m going to give my brain a break and save my pictures and commentary for the next post. Instead, here’s the awesome thing I came home to!

While I was away, I got an Instagram notification from Betsy at Scout Salvage, the Philly proprietress behind our gorgeous workbench kitchen island. She’d picked up two industrial stools that she thought would be a perfect complement to the bench. I thought so, too, and frantically texted Nik to call and officially reserve them.


It pays to frequent your small local businesses! We’ve been looking for stools without much success, and the ones we remotely kinda liked were new and three times the price. Betsy knew what we had in mind and reached out to us first on a weekend we wouldn’t have necessarily stopped in. I think sometimes there’s a misconception that small, specialty shops are going to be expensive and inaccessible, but I really find the opposite to be true. I go to the local butcher to buy meat. I go to the produce stand for fruits and vegetables. I go to the salvage shop for furniture. And I know that I’m working with people who care about their product, remember their customers, and have the knowledge to get the best quality for the best prices.

The stools are so great. We need to lower them down a couple notches, but the legs are adjustable, so that’s not a problem. With one of the bottom shelves of the table removed, they tuck neatly underneath and take up less space than the chair/book situation we were making do with previously.


I love that they have backs, which I was willing to forgo for aesthetic reasons, but prefer for comfort. I also really love the wear on the paint. I do think I’ll eventually paint the seats, but that’s a later-down-the-line project, once we finish the move out of my apartment (omg11days) and some of the bigger room overhauls (painting for the rest of my life).






  1. Love those stools! They remind me of something you’d find in a high school science classroom (I’m a high school teacher and have seen these types of stools at school)! Also, side note, my mom goes to TNNA each year as she owns a wholesale yarn company, ‘Knit One, Crochet, Too’ so maybe you’ve seen her booth? 🙂

    1. I love the science classroom vibe! We actually have a lab table that we trash picked from behind a middle school that’s one of my favorite pieces. And yes! I definitely know Knit One Crochet Too, but to be honest, I didn’t really get a chance to walk the floor this year. Small world!

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