Choosing a rug for the dining room

Before we can really move forward with the dining room, we have to pick a rug. Since we’ll be using the furniture we already own, it’s the biggest purchase we’re making, which will set the tone of the whole room. Rugs are expensive, and I’m a little overwhelmed!

Apartment Therapy recently posted guidelines for choosing a rug, which was helpful. I know that I want something big enough to fit the table and chairs properly, and I want it to be bold and add color to the space. I’ve been pinning options to our dining room inspiration board, in an effort to narrow down what works and what I like.

In finding pictures of rooms that have similarly dark walls, I love how bold this neon green choice is:

But I’ve realized that when a rug is very light colored, it brighten the whole space in a way that I don’t envision for our dining room:

I’m very drawn to smaller pattern repeats and jewel tones:


And I love Kilim rugs, but I wonder if I’m starting to feel design overexposure in the same way I feel about chevrons and Expedits recently?

So far, my two top contenders for purchase are the Sarah Campbell Mosaic Triangles from West Elm:

And the Jaeda rug in Olive from Lulu and Georgia:

Both of which share similar mustard gold and blue elements. They are also both flatweaves, which I think is practical for under the table and chairs, but I worry about the cats destroying them. I do think, however, that they’ll be much better off than the inexpensive cotton printed flatweave I bought for my studio, since they’re both wool and yarn dyed.

What do you think? Do you have any additional options for places I should look at rugs? I’d love to hear them, because I just can’t make up my mind yet!



  1. I LOVE that Jaeda rug!! The color would pop so nicely against the dark walls and furniture. Plus, it’s unique enough to really be a conversation piece!! You guys are doing a great job so far! Can’t wait to see how it turns out. 🙂

    1. Thank you! I love that one, too. I just looked, though, and the 8×10 size is out of stock!! But we’re definitely getting closer. I’m excited to see it all come together!

  2. I like the mosaic triangles, it reminds me of your kitchen curtains. Without being too matchy matchy.

    1. Yeah, I’m having a thing for triangles at the moment! Hopefully I don’t overdo it, but I want to use them everywhere!

  3. I’m trying to find a suitable rug for inside the front door. I’m hesitant to spend too much money as it might end up becoming a rug people might be tempted to wipe their feet on but I don’t want to buy something ‘cheap and nasty’ looking either because it is the first thing people see when you open the door!!!

  4. team triangles. i too am hesitant/afraid to buy rugs!! you’re my hero.

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