What a difference paint makes!


Nik spent a few evenings last week painting the dining room Mark Twain Gray Brick, and it’s just gorgeous. Rich and romantic, the perfect counter balance to our light and airy kitchen. I need to gear up to paint the trim like I promised, so we can get to the fun parts!

The table is a Craigslist find that Nik scored a few years ago, which we’ll keep as the centerpiece, and I’m going to jump the gun of our scheduled movers and bring over my sideboard to furnish the space. We’ve been going back and forth about rugs, because they feel like a big and stressful purchase, but it’s pretty apparent, looking at these pictures, that the table feels like it’s floating, so we’ll definitely need to purchase one to anchor it in the room.


We made the conscious decision to embrace the textured character of the walls. After 100 years and many paint jobs of various skill level, they’re just… full of history. I do find it charming, which is good, because it’s beyond our budget and skill level to repair them at this time. Old houses are full of surprises. As I was sitting on the floor painting the edging, this GIANT NAIL popped out of the floor and snagged my pants.


I’m not even sure why it was in there in the first place. It’s much bigger than the other top nails in the hardwood floor.

And any fears about the room being too dark with the deep color? Completely allayed. Somehow the it feels bigger at night in dim light, and during the day, the way it floods with sunlight is just gorgeous.




  1. Now gold leaf your ceiling! Or gold foil wallpaper with all your spare time and money, lol! Stunning.

    1. Isn’t the room just dying for gold accents?? I can’t say that a gold leaf ceiling is in the works (though I haven’t ruled it out…), but I do have more than one gold project up my sleeve!

  2. Love it! I have dark wood trim in my dinning room – very similar to the wood work on your ceiling, and have been having a hard time figuring out what to do – I was leaning toward a peacock blue/teal but now I love the gray you used! What color are you planing on painting the trim? Also I second the gold everywhere idea. Good luck – love seeing your projects.

    1. Thank you!! We’re going to paint the baseboard trim ultra white, but after going back and forth, I think we’re going to leave the ceiling trim for the moment. I have big dreams of stripping it back to the natural wood, but there’s a few too many things to finish before moving day!

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