Marble kitchen accessories, a tutorial!


I’m having a love affair with marble right now. What can I say? It makes me feel fancy, like a super grown-up with super fancy things. It started when we picked out the backsplash, and then Nik’s parents gave us a gorgeous cheese plate for Christmas. It’s too pretty to hide away in the cabinet, so we use it to hold the next-to-the-stove necessities: salt, pepper, olive oil.
That meant that when we had a few people over and some cheese that needed plating, I had to decide if I was going to put those things on the counter or come up with a solution.So now let’s talk about the floor for a minute (I promise, this does come full circle). We bought our Pergo flooring from Lowe’s, and in the same aisle, came across marble threshold pieces. Because fancy! and grown-up!, we immediately bought one for the transition between the kitchen and dining room floors. The threshold was sold in a 4″ by 36″ slab, and our doorway is 30″. Lowe’s will make one cut for you for free, so we went home with a 30″ slab of marble and a 6″ slab of marble. I can’t seem to find the link on the Lowe’s site, but here is a similar one on the Home Depot site, and it cost us $18.

Our contractor, however, knew better. He had painstakingly leveled the kitchen floor, but the dining room floor still hopelessly sags. He hand-fashioned a wood piece to transition between the floors and the difference in slope. That marble stood no chance in the face of a 100 year pitch.

(Also featuring our current island seating solution– one too-high stool that used to live on the balcony as a plant stand and a dining room chair with a stack of books. We need stools!)

So we had these pieces of marble with a custom cut that we couldn’t return. In a moment of inspiration, I left the intended cheese plate where it was and retrieved the 30″ piece. One good wash later, and I had a 30″ cheese plate on my hands.

I should have taken a fancy picture of it in use, but do you see all that cheese??
It now lives on the island permanently, and we frequently use it as an over-sized coaster of sorts, or just admire it, because fancy! pretty!


As for the 6″ piece, we came up with a dead simple DIY. I thought it would make the perfect holder for the dish soap, to protect the counter from the drips, but I also didn’t want to place a flat surface directly on the counter, especially so close to the sink.

So I picked up a pack of these:

Vinyl bumpers for cabinet doors that adhere like stickers, which were $2.50 at our local hardware store for a pack of 9. And voila! Fancy little feet.


20140323-125244.jpgI don’t worry about them marring the countertop at all, and they’re just so damn cute. The bottom of the marble is unpolished, and they feel very firmly stuck, but if needed, I think that a drop of superglue would do the trick.


The soap dispenser was a $3 purchase from the Ikea as-is section, and one of the best design investments you can make for a kitchen, I think. The plastic soap bottles just always look like clutter.

The marble pieces come in various sizes, up to a massive 73″ that I covet for no practical purpose. A little marble shelf would make a great bathroom caddy, a plant holder or a fantastic hostess gift. You could even buy a box of 8″x12″ tiles and have a slew of near-instant holiday presents on your hands! I want to use them everywhere, and at $21 for a 30″ and a 6″ piece, it might be just a little too easy to get carried away.



  1. great little details!!

    1. All about the details! Thanks, lady!

  2. solfridnhi · · Reply

    loove it!

    1. Thank you!!

  3. Gillianne · · Reply

    You can also get marble (and granite and slate) scraps if you happen to live anywhere near quarries and companies that make countertops from those materials. Where I live, they’re often free in small sizes.

    1. Yeah! There a marble yard near me that I need to check out. I’d love to get some beautiful pieces to incorporate in small ways.

  4. What a super cute idea! And I agree with you about the plastic soap bottles looking cluttery. I’ll have to swap mine out!

    1. Thank you! And yeah, it’s such a small thing, but it makes such a big difference. I do it for my handsoaps, too!

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