The kitchen series: the before and afters!


I raced home after work to catch the light, but it was a little overcast and fading fast (no friend to me, DST). I still took the kitchen pictures, because we’re beginning to move our things back in and really make it our space, so I wanted to get a set when it was in this blank showroom state. We brought back a print from the Grand Canyon that I can’t wait to frame and hang on the wall this weekend, we’re in search of the perfect island piece, and I’ve ordered fabric to sew curtains for the windows. The big work is done, but I can’t wait for all the little projects we intend to do in the upcoming weeks.

So without further ado! It’s hard to believe that less than a month ago, the space looked like this:




And right now, it looks like this:




One of my favorite features is the refrigerator cabinet, which really anchors it in the space, and the elimination of the corner cabinet. I was a little worried it would feel tight in that nook, but it really doesn’t, and you can fully open the base cabinet:


Our contractor, Ian, was incredible, and for his part, the project could not have gone more smoothly. He both listened to all of our requests, accommodated them, gave input when he had a suggestion, and made the perfect judgment call every time when necessary. One example (of many during the renovation): We had purchased a marble threshold piece to go between the kitchen and dining room doorways, but when we showed it to him, he said he could try it, but he had intended to fabricate a custom wood piece that would accommodate that difference between the sloping floor in the dining room (hundred year old house features) and the floor he’d newly leveled in the kitchen. We wound up taking his suggestion, and in the first picture, you can see just how dramatic that difference is! There was not a single detail that was overlooked. Even the radiators were removed and painted, installed on top of the floor, things we didn’t think to ask that just happened:


Look at those cute little radiator feet! If you’re in the Philadelphia area, I highly, highly recommend ISC remodeling.

And here’s a wider angle of that corner without the under-counter lights on:


You can see the gorgeous new ceiling (no more drop ceiling!) and the texture of the marble back splash.

We installed a lot of lights into the space. Previously, the room had been lit by overhead florescents and a lamp on top of the fridge. We added six recessed LEDs, under-counter lights, the hood light, and my very favorite pendant over the sink.


Late at night, when you’ve fallen asleep on the couch and you wake up to tuck yourself into bed, but first you pad down the long hall to the kitchen to get yourself a glass of water… this is that light.

This is a kitchen for a beautiful life, and I can’t quite believe it’s ours.



  1. Love the wall color! What is it? It complements the wood floors very nicely. Great job! The kitchen feels so much larger and airy now!

  2. Thank you! The green is Valspar’s Neon Mint. It definitely feels so much bigger and brighter.

  3. I love your grey cabinets with the mint wall. So cute! And the radiator! Enjoy your new kitchen

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