A corduroy skirt!


My very favorite winter skirt is high-waisted, short, gathered, and chartreuse corduroy. So when I came across a corduroy sale at the fabric store, I knew that I wanted to recreate it, a little less short and a little less chartreuse, because as much as I love the color, it doesn’t quite lend itself to frequency. I didn’t have/couldn’t find the right pattern, but with the waistband technique from Miette under my belt, this gathering tutorial (also from Tilly and the Buttons— I’m smitten!), and a read-through of button and zipper installation, I thought I could wing it.

And then I came across a doom-and-gloom forum post about sewing with corduroy and was entirely convinced I’d cover the house with blue-grey fuzz and be stricken down with black lung, all for the sake of a skirt. Thankfully, that didn’t happen! The fabric cut and sewed like a dream.


I chose to make the top of the skirt only 1.5 times wider than the waistband, since the material was pretty heavy and I was concerned it wouldn’t gather, which was a good call. I was pretty happy with the zipper installation and found it pretty straight forward. The tutorial in my book recommended using a 1/2″ wide piece of scotch tape on the front as a sewing guide, and that seemed much quicker and easier than drawing guidelines would have been. And my machine came with a zipper foot and a button foot, which were extra sweet bonuses from this garage sale find. It took me about 20 tries on scrap fabric to get the hang of the 4 step buttonhole, but once I did, it felt like magic (funny how that works). I finally got to use one of the vintage buttons that I bought in Adamstown in 2011.



Instead of double folding the hem of the heavy fabric, I cut a bias strip out of a patterned quilting cotton, which worked really well, but I should have made it wider to turn that under on the inside. Instead I zig-zag stitched along the edge to tack it down.


And a glimpse of my very favorite Warner’s slip

I love everything about this skirt. It fits well and it’s just what I was envisioning.

To complete my me-made outfit, I’m wearing a $3 alpaca sweater I found at a thrift store and mended and my Lady Eleanor Stole that I made out of Noro Silk Garden in 2007 or 2008ish.



AND HERE is the very best part. I took so many pictures of this skirt that I put together a little stop-motion video tour. Enjoy!


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