Tundra: Elements is here!


Last winter, I knit myself a sweater. Or, it started out that way. By the time I was halfway through, the sweater had become a sample and the pattern had become a concept to launch a collection. I spent the next three months knitting seven more. On average, each sweater took about 10 days to knit, a lightning pace I could only accomplish when my good friend and fellow knitter, Andrea, took on some sleeve knitting. Yesterday, the very first copies of the book were delivered from the printer!


Tundra: Elements is based on the theme of Edward Packer’s Choose-Your-Own-Advenure book series. The basic concept template for each sweater is a bottom-up raglan, which is reconfigured into a new sweater by its “elements,” namely the colors and necklines.


Had I kept them all for myself, I would have a whole winter wardrobe this year! Instead, I have this gorgeous book, and my very own ISBN. I’m pleased with the trade off. I did the styling, and I got to work with so many talented people here in the Philadelphia area. Leah, my co-worker, did the exceptional graphic design and stinking cute illustrations, Su-Shan, owner of Starshine Salon in Manayunk, did hair and makeup, Alyssa Campitelli was my model extraordinaire, Amanda Stevenson was the photographer, and we shot the pictures at North Bowl in Northern Liberties.  You can see all the designs here, and you can buy your very own hard copy at your local yarn shop, here on Amazon, and the downloadable ebook will be available on Ravelry in the next couple days.

If you’re interested in making one for yourself, Kelbourne Woolens and The Fibre Company will be hosting a knit-along challenge with prizes you can win to be announced on their blog on October 1st. I can’t wait to see where your sweater adventures take you!



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