The Lottie Cowl


As summer is more decidedly nearing its close, and my home feels more decidedly settled (though not done, never done), my projects are more decidedly detailed, as well. I never really stop knitting or crocheting, even in the summer, but being able to settle in on the couch under a blanket with a cup of tea just feels right. I’m excitedly waiting for my sweater collection patterns to make their way from the printer, but in the meantime, I’m working on some exciting future projects, and I have a new crocheted cowl pattern on Ravelry for free download.


Lottie is made from five skeins of Terra in three colors, black locust bark, yarrow and madder. The stitch pattern is a simple double crochet, which makes it a great project for my 90 minutes of daily train commute. I love complicated designs sometimes, but always find myself drawn to simple repetitive motions, the closest I can get to something like meditation. The yarn is just gorgeous, and you can really see the depth of shade and the silk noils that make The Fibre Company yarns exceptional.


If you haven’t started a project with a foundation-less double crochet before, this is a fantastic piece to try it on. It’s both easier to visualize the full size of a piece, it’s stretchier and it’s far easier to work into than a twisty, uncooperative chain. Here’s a video tutorial I found online, if you’d like a visual demonstration. The first iteration of this cowl was a piece I made for myself out of leftover yarn. I wore it all winter, double looped against the chill, single looped in the warmth inside.




  1. Thanks for the pattern. I look forward to trying the foundation-less double crochet.

  2. Kathy Idoine · · Reply

    I see only two colors; the pattern calls for three. Can anyone help me?

    1. Hi Kathy! Thanks for your interest in my pattern! Looking at the pictures, the third color is pretty obscured, but in the third picture down, you can see the narrow band of the lighter color, which is yarrow, topped by the main color, black locust bark, and the second contrast color, madder. I hope that’s helpful!

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