Filling in the blanks and gaps

…is a line from a Frightened Rabbit song, in case you’ve also had the working title of a blog post in your head for the better part of a week while you wait to take pictures, because it’s already dark when you get home from the gym after work now, and it elicits a song in your head that you know you love, but you can’t quite identify and won’t look up. Backwards Walk (YouTube link), you’re welcome.

Last weekend, I finally gave the mirror in my living room a coat of paint and hung it on the wall.





It’s a mirror that my mom bought about ten years ago to stage the family room just before she and my father moved. It lived in the garage for a while, and then I’ve hauled it to three Philly apartments in the last couple years. It’s heavy as a stack of cinder blocks and a little worse for the wear.

I thought about painting it yellow or another bright color, but I’ve been really drawn to gold recently, and the classic color seemed more versatile. I found this great blog post from Brittany Makes that incredibly helpfully compared gold metallic spray paints, and decided to go with Montana Gold’s Gold Chrome.


It goes on beautifully, covered many of the frame’s imperfections, looks a lot more like metal than paint. I did smudge it a little when hanging it even after it was dry and had time to cure, so I would be hesitant to use it on a frequently handled object, but overall, I’m incredibly pleased.


I’ve hung some more art and filled in some of the spaces with some of my vintage and painted silverware, and the big blank wall is starting to look a lot less blank these days.




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  1. […] the left, is the living room with the gold wall, spray painted mirror and the grey shag rug, which is holding up beautifully. The crocheted garland is the very smallest […]

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