Learning curves ahead


I have taken down the blinds, hung all the curtains, put art on the wall, gave the bathroom a micro-makeover. I have things to show you, but not quite yet.

So here’s my dog:


And in the background, my lady friend, integral to this delay. With the end of summer comes my birthday, and with my birthday this year came a sublimely wonderful gift.


I am now the owner of a very fancy camera. I knew my pictures could look better, but I’m just astonished at how much of a difference it makes. Prior to this, I’d been using my phone, which works really well for many things and is a technological privilege that I feel really lucky to have. But in comparison, here’s part of my living room looking into the bathroom taken with my phone. It’s been edited for brightness and saturation:

And here’s an unedited picture with my new camera baby on automatic settings:

It’s sharper, clearer, the light is better, much less noise. It looks like I cleaned. Which I clearly didn’t. You can see my dog-rumpled, messy couch. I spent the morning taking all sorts of comparison shots, and at one point, I may have yelled, “It’s better than seeing with my eyes!” Allegedly. It’s unconfirmed.

I have so much to learn about this thing, and I Can’t. Wait.

28, you’re the best so far.



One comment

  1. you have so many extraordinary capabilities! I am excited to see what this new power gives you! ❤

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