Eventually I ate dinner

Nik entryThe other night, I walked in the door of my girlfriend’s apartment, with a takeout container of Portuguese barbecue and full intention of flopping onto the couch to watch an episode of Dead Like Me. Instead I wound up re-staging the entry corner after she mentioned that she couldn’t figure out how to pull it all together. I held the mail sorter up to the wall, asked if she had a few other things to fill the space, one thing led to another, and I was suddenly standing on a chair, hammering nails into the wall, dinner and lethargy all but forgotten. I love that feeling.

For all my projects, this is the first time I’ve tackled another person’s space. Nik made it easy for me, though. She has good taste and a lot of good pieces, so when I said things like, “I need something to hang here, a wide rectangle to anchor the grouping,” she handed me a frame that was the perfect shape with three pictures of her great-grandfather, who was the iron man in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show (true story).

I didn’t stop to take a picture of the before, so the blurry shot on the left is the best recent picture of the space, but also, you can see it a little more clearly in the background of this guitar shot from last week. #GPOYG (gratuitious picture of your girlfriend, ya know)

Nik guitar



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