Lamps and other things that light up my life

I just rewired a lamp!

What, it looks really familiar? That’s because I painted it last March (!!!). Rewiring lamps is a simple thing. It only takes a couple minutes, and I even had a lamp kit ready and waiting. But it sat on my side table, looking pretty, but lackluster, until just the other day. Life’s been kind of like that recently. Turns out that when everything gets thrown in the air and you move, change your career, generally overhaul your life and take on several big projects at once, it takes a bit for all the little things to come back into focus. And that’s where I am. There’s time for lamps now, time for projects and time to blog again.

Here’s the highlight reel of that last couple months:

I was in a full length aerial circus show as part of the Philadelphia Fringe Festival with Tangle Movement Arts, the performance group I work with:

photo credit: Michael Ermilio (

I biked 150 miles in two days in the MS: City to Shore ride:

photo credit: one of my awesome friends who provided road crew support!

(and Crystal and I are currently featured on the homepage of the website! Yeah!)

I was in another circus show-lette with Tangle, called Half Life, which will be developing into a full length show by the end of March:

photo credit: Jill LeMin Lee

I have a pattern in the current issue of Knitscene, called Secret Song mittens:

photo credit: Knitscene magazine


And I think that sums it up. It’s really been a fantastic few months, and there’s so much upcoming that I’m really looking forward to, especially some more time carved out for lamps and other small projects. (11 months! 11 months to rewire that thing. I mean, really.)



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