Banner Days

Circus continues to be front and center of my creative endeavors recently. I’ve been working with Tangle: Movements Arts, a group of other aerialists and artists, on some local performances. (Go like us on Facebook! Go! Do it!) Over the summer, we’ve put on monthly shows Clark Park that we call tinycircus. They’re very informal, a great place to try out some new material. We rig in a tree right near the children’s playground, and a lot of people spending time in the park make their way over to watch. It’s been really, really great how receptive people have been to what we’re doing.

For more pictures, including some absolutely fantastic ones of the faces of the kids in the crowd, go check out the write up they did about us in the West Philly Local.

Our next performance will be as part of Philly’s Fringe Festival. For the past couple years, I’ve loved attending Fringe shows. It’s a 16 day festival in the city of every kind of performance art you can imagine. Anyone can participate, and the shows range from brand new amateur to international professional. I’ve seen plays, comedy, improv, of course circus, and I’m so excited to be a part of it this year. If you’re local to the area, our show will be running on September 8th at 6:30pm and September 9th at 7:30 and 9:30pm. There’s more information and tickets here. I hope you come see us!

Somewhat related, but of a different venture altogether, I’ve made several paper banners recently that I’m quite proud of. Firstly (and this is the related part), I made one that we’ve been using for tinycircus:

And my MS Bike Ride team held a fundraising bake sale recently, and I made a banner for that, as well. Here it is waiting to be packed up:

And in action:

(psssssst…. JUST IN CASE you want to donate, time is running short and I still have money to raise. Even $5 will help me make my fundraising goal. My page is here.)

Also, I got a really nice mention on the Kelbourne blog. My good friends Kate and Courtney have moved their business to an awesome new location (it’s an 18th century stone manor house!) and I’m really excited to see that a banner I made for their oft used phrase has also found a new home. Here’s a picture I snapped of it in their old space:

But, really, you need to go take a look at it in its new home. The setting is much more picturesque.

So I’m thinking, come fall, banners- cute, fun, sassy, irreverent banners- may finally be my foray into the world of Etsy. In my mind, October is going to be this magical month with all this new found free time. I really am enjoying every single second of what I’m doing, but between moving, the Fringe show, the MS bike ride on top of the rest of my busy life, time has been a precious commodity around here. Until then I’m going to keep kicking this idea around, and if you happened to require a custom paper banner in the meantime, I take requests!


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  1. The banners are cute! You should sell them on etsy 🙂 I have a bunch of watercolors stacking up that I want to sell on there. The park trapeze artistry looks lovely too!

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