Goin’ Places

This summer has been flying by, full of swimming, biking, picnics and adventures. Last weekend, I went ziplining and this upcoming weekend, I’ll be going on my first camping trip. I’m training for the MS City to Shore bike ride (150 miles!) and working with some fantastic people on exciting circus projects. Busy busy busy!  Another big adventure coming up is that I’m moving in August. A dear friend bought a house, and I’m so excited to be her housemate. A part of me, though, is a little wistful at the thought of leaving my current space. I’ve lived in this studio for two years, and I’ve put a lot of work into making it a home. If it wasn’t for the fact that it’s so inconveniently far outside of center city, I’d probably never leave. Nonetheless, onward and upward, change is good, etc, etc.

So, before I go, I thought I’d do a tour of my apartment to remember it by. Some of the pictures have been recycled from earlier blog post, sorry sorry. But, here we go:

When you walk through the door, this is the overall view. Except that Naomi, cat face, will be directly underfoot.

To the left is an antique dresser, a leftover from my childhood bedroom set.

I painted and rewired the lamp, and the dried lavender is from my mom’s garden.

Moving clockwise, this is my office corner (where I’m sitting right now!). The chair was a show floor model from Urban Outfitters that I got for free. It didn’t fit in the trunk of my car at all, but that didn’t stop me from buying rope, driving slow and hauling it home.

Close up of the little shelf thing on my desk. It was a $3 thrift store find. Also, in case you find it pertinent, I love a good bouquet of cut flowers, and I prefer white ones over anything else.

And here’s a shot of the full wall with the Valentine’s craft that was just never taken down.

The working fireplace, which was amazing in the winter.

And the always ever-changing ephemera on the mantle. I spy letters and postcards from friends, holy water from Knock shrine and my family’s well in Ireland, a painting I found in a snowbank and a bar of soap that says, “Stolen from Mabel’s whorehouse.”

My bed with its summer bedding and the branch tree. It seems silly to even think about moving the branch tree across town, especially since it’s just something I dragged in from behind my apartment building. It’s only a half thought… it’s just a particularly good branch.

And the windows, the windows, the windows.They’re amazing. They face west, and I get the best sunsets:

It didn’t matter how many times I saw it, if I was home, I’d stop what I was doing to watch the sunset.

The side table is another great thrift store find, a old children’s school desk.

I never really managed to fill this large space of blank wall, but it worked well for displaying banners-in-progress. This particular one went on to live in Denmark.

The couch is my one “grown up” piece of furniture. It’s upholstered in linen, and I love it. I rarely sit on it, to be honest, because I sit at my desk chair more often, but it sure is pretty.

And the side table, which I refinished last fall.

I don’t have pictures of the kitchen and bathroom, but those are the only other rooms in the apartment. I might post a follow up of some detail pictures, for my own posterity sake.I feel good about moving, excited to have a new space to decorate and a chance to weed through all my things. Let the packing commence!


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