Slice of Life

If this were a still life, I would entitle it, “These are the things on my kitchen table.” I would then subtitle it, “I wish I had a better camera.” And then I would sub-subtitle it, “My cat is a ham,” because at this point, you might as well be thorough.

Regardless, this picture makes me smile almost as much as actually walking into my kitchen does lately. I’ve been surreptitiously snipping small branches (twigs, really) off a tree that grows near my apartment building. I usually abide by a self-imposed white flower rule, based only on the fact that they’re my favorite, but I’ve been finding this off-red orange color so appealing. Happy Spring!


One comment

  1. Your cat is so pretty! This is a lovely picture – much better than anything I’ve ever been able to do with my little camera.

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