Pretty things

I often feel like I have too many things,  but that doesn’t really keep me from buying more things. Especially when it’s pretty things at awesome prices. I made out well at the antique stores this past weekend:

I am most excited about the gilt gesso frame. I’ve been stalking them locally and online for a while, but they’re often pricey and shipping is even more so. This one was only $25, and I have big plans for it that may or may not involve spray paint.

It was also really nice to leave the city for the day and drive out into rural Pennsylvania, which is something I don’t do nearly enough.

On the way home, tired and sensory overloaded from browsing, my friend, Kate, and I made a last minute decision to stop in Material Culture. I’ve lived near it for five years now and would always think that I should stop in to check it out whenever I drove by, but would always forget. I now know that the reason for this is that I am in danger of spending all my money there. Seriously. It’s a giant old factory with gorgeous light filled with the most interesting things from around the world. I saw a lot of things I liked, but it wasn’t until I reached a corner full of quilts that I became obsessed. I love textiles, to the point that it influenced my academic life and now my professional life. I can often identify fiber blends by touch, I just have one set of sheets, because I bought the best I could afford, and when I went to Ireland, the souveniers I brought back were some wool from the sheep on my grandfather’s farm, wool blankets and Buschmills whiskey (the important things). I really love textiles.

These quilts are amazing. They were made entirely by hand in the Sindh Valley in Pakistan for the children of the families. Many of the backs were just as interestingly quilted as the front. Here’s a quick picture I snapped with my phone. The quality’s not great, but I always feel a little weird about taking pictures in stores.

I couldn’t resist, and I came home with one with gorgeous star blocks. As soon as I got home, I washed all my linens so I could make the bed with it right away.

The back:

And finally, cozy before bed:

As an added bonus, I am now a person who has winter and summer bedding. How fancy and grown up of me. Ha.



  1. I’m so glad we went to Material Culture for Bill’s class, or I never would have been able to experience how amazing that place is. I kept forgetting to stop by on my own.

    I love the quilt you ended up with! Nothing like a hand made quilt on your bed. We use the one my mom made for our wedding on our bed.

  2. So glad you posted the close up of the quilting! I’m figuring out if I want to machine quilt or hand quilt a quilt that I’ll be piecing soon, and I think these photos pushed me over the edge to hand quilting.

  3. […] it felt like magic (funny how that works). I finally got to use one of the vintage buttons that I bought in Adamstown in […]

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