Silverware, now in technicolor

A while ago, I began collecting vintage silverware. I’d come across it often in thrift stores, heaped in bins, five pieces for a dollar. Nothing particularly special, and probably not much of value, but it appeals to me, and I often wind up bringing home a fresh handful.

They sit in jars like metal bouquets:

Sometimes they join the ever-changing decor on my side table:

And of course, there was my Christmas tree. Given my propensity to spray paint everything, when a friend sent me a link to these serving utensils, I knew it was only a matter of the next warmish, sunny day before I’d try to recreate the look for myself. As far as I can tell, the originals were most likely enamel dipped.

I taped all the pieces:

Primed them and sprayed them:

This is where I ran into the first signs of trouble. The primer went on well, but the paint itself pooled and didn’t stick very well. Some pieces worked better than others, and it’s definitely related to the paint that boasts “Ultra Cover!” It makes it impossible to apply the kinds of thin coats needed.

Overall, the results are pretty:

The avocado green knife came out the best:

The paint was regular cover, the design had a high relief, but also, it’s the only piece I painted that’s stainless steel, which is another factor I should have taken into account. Everything will have to be hand washed, regardless, but stainless steel would make life just a little bit easier. Most of what I have is actual silver, so I’ll have to keep that in mind when looking for pieces for the second try.

My goal was to create a useable set of silverware. I don’t think I succeeded this time around, but I definitely learned a few things to try the next time.

I have also learned that I am the type of person who will go on a three hour hike with a bagful of silverware in hopes of finding a good place to snap a few pictures. I am okay with that.



  1. Kathryn Hinchey · · Reply

    I love love love this idea.

  2. Amaaazzzinggg

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