Mismatching Matchings

I painted the second lamp, and I’m really pleased with how it came out. First I went with a turquoise blue, but it wasn’t quite right:

So I repainted it an avocado green, and I think that was the better choice:

I really like the two of them together:

I still have to rewire the green one, but that’s a quick job. I have a couple more painting projects I’m excited to try soon, including the other lamp I found recently.



  1. jocelyn · · Reply

    so glad you started this. looking good! wish i had time to do fun refinishing projects. someday soon…

  2. Gosh, I’m sorry I threw out what I thought were my grandmother’s crappy old lamps – you could have made magic with them!

    Would have stopped by sooner – didn’t know you were blogging. Great banner!

  3. […] it looks really familiar? That’s because I painted it last March (!!!). Rewiring lamps is a simple thing. It only takes a couple minutes, and I even had a lamp kit […]

  4. […] the room is largely Nik’s existing furniture, one of my early DIY home projects, a lamp I spray painted and rewired, fits right in, like it was meant for these dark […]

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