Happiness times two

I made the luckiest thrift store find today.

But first, a bit of backstory (an illustrated tale, if you will). This fall, I discovered the transformative power of paint and began an obsession with lamps. I had these things that I’d trashpicked and acquired at thrift stores:

And this lamp:

You know when you see something, and you think it could be cute, but it also could be really ugly, you’re not entirely sure? That was this lamp. I walked by it three or four times before deciding it had potential and was cheap enough to risk it.

First I rewired the lamps, which was surprisingly easy:

I co-opted a friend’s backyard for a couple weekends, which is what has to happen when you’re an apartment dweller. I did some of this:

And then painted everything that sat still long enough. I was incredibly happy with the way the side table and assorted accessories came out:

But I am so in love with the flower lamp:

Love it. Love, love love. If I could only have one lamp for the rest of my life, this would be it. I. Love. This. Lamp.

So imagine how incredibly excited when, at a different thrift store, in a different town, I found the same exact lamp:

Yes! I’m going to paint this one, too, soon. Not the same color, but something that compliments it. Hot pink, maybe? I’m not sure yet, but I’m just so excited!!


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